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This morning, after rising earlier than desired, I realized that I had screwed up the travel plans for a music conference/festival I'm going to at the end of this week. This was right after I cleaned up the cat vomit that had thoughtfully been left on the seat of my comfy chair.

It will be my first time attending this particular annual event. One of my pieces is programmed Thursday (first day of the festival), and I'm arriving that afternoon. The problem is that I didn't read the schedule carefully and made the stupid assumption that it would follow the same scheduling pattern of another similar event I've attended in the past. However, it turns out that the concert is not on Thursday evening as I'd expected: it is at 9:30am, with a soundcheck the evening before. Now, they may still go ahead and play the piece -- it's "fixed media", meaning that it will be a playback of something that is already recorded, so I don't need to be present to perform anything. But at the very least, it's very embarrassing, especially as a newbie to this series.

Missing the performance is a drag, not so much because I won't hear it, but because I won't be there to talk to people about it afterwards and get their feedback. The two main reasons I go to things like this when I can, aside from the opportunity to put my work in front of my peers, is to hear a lot of new music and to hang out and schmooze with other composers in person. The latter in particular is something I rarely get to do.

Part of me is tempted to just stay home, but I won't do that (if only because I'm not going to throw away the non-refundable plane fare. Hopefully the embarrassment will be somewhat less acute by Thursday.

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